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Monster Slash

slash ain't -always- pretty

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I have a festish. A real weird one. I like slash between monsterous fantasy and sci-fi races... and I bet some of you do, too. So sign up, join in, and share your weirdest fantasies about monsters... loving other monsters. Or just being monsters. I, for one, am not picky.

What constitutes a monsterous race? A monster is generally not a more-or-less-human creature like an elf or a dwarf. Monsters include werewolves, vampires, orcs, dragons, griffons, alien Greys (those little grey men with big, black eyes), and Yautja (the Predators from the Predator series). If it's not a furry (an animal given human characteristics or a more humanoid body), it's probably a monster, or at least a little bit monsterous!


1. Although it's called "Monster Slash," this community is open to monsterous fanfic of any kind: gen, het, and slash. And it doesn't just have to be monster/monster. If an orcish warlord has fallen in love with a beautiful human sorceress... Well, that, belongs here too. And if that orcish warlord instead falls in love with an ancient dragon... That is to say, it's not just monster/monster-of-the-same-species.

2. Any pairing you fancy to write is allowed.

3. Fics of any length are allowed here, from epics to drabbles.

4. Please make sure to proof read your fic. Having had someone beta it is even more preferred.

5. Cut tags! Use them for fics of 200+ words, or fics of less than 200 words with frequent line breaks for dialogue.

6. Please post ratings, warnings, pairings, and summaries at the top of the fic and before the cut tag.

7. Flaming is a bannable offense. Be polite.

8. This community is primarily for fanfic. It would be preferable if the ration of discussion to fanfic was heavy on the side of fanfic. That said, there's not a lot of places to discuss this sort of thing... so if you have a discussion topic you're just burning to get feedback on, do feel free to post it here. Challanges are also welcome.

Questions and comments can be directed to whatever the latest journal entry is on my journal, calichan.