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A new species-centric community!

Join the Bestiary if you:
--want to post your species descrips somewhere for feedback/easy linking on your stories
--want to post your species art/concept art/world "photos" (see Terragen) somewhere
--want to design/create your own species and have feedback from others like you
--don't mind being spammed with masses of creativity
--need to ask biological/genetic/aesthetic questions about your species
--want some space to test out and design species' languages
--want to catalogue the major and minor beasts in a particular world/moon
--want to investigate the flora and ecosystem of your world

Honestly, I made the Bestiary primarily for my own uses, simply because I want to work on getting my species/worlds fleshed out and I need a place to store the works-in-progress until I finish most of them and can finalize them into a website-form. However, I'd be very happy if some other crazy species-creators would join me in my prolific productive madness! XD!

My apologies if you see this more than once, and if this isn't allowed by a community, please delete it. ^^;; Crossposted like crazy to monsterslash, shifterslash, worldswithin, and my own journal.
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