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My Monster Fantasies....

I don't know what it is....about monsters with huge, really.. huge wingspans that gets my pulse racing!

Maybe its the desire of being enfolded within shiny, leathery, membraned, bat-like wings... whether demon, dragon, or any other monster.

So far.... I have at least 3 that make my "list of monster fantasies".....

1) The Gargoyle from the "Tales from the Darkside" movie.

Whoa! A great set of wings, and a very sexy looking gargoyle too! The gargoyle is from the story "Lover's Vow" about Preston, an artist down on his luck, witnesses a grisly murder. The gargoyle, using very special "see all" sonic detectors, cuts him off before he can make an escape, but oddly, doesn't immediately go for a neck-slice. Instead, it talks. In return for being allowed to live, Preston must promise to never tell anyone what he saw, what he's heard, or what happened on this darkest of nights.

2)Asmodaeus Demon from "Demon Keeper". I watch this movie only for the scenes of the demon. His wings flaps a bit when he moves, and I do wish for a slash fic starring him! There is somewhat of a slash hint when he slightly paws one of the victims as he "possesses" her.

3) This one I have yet to figure out what it is. It looks like a giant rat with huge bat-wings, but I am uncertain if its a ratbat or what. Its from the movie "The Graveyard Shift" off the Stephen King book. That flick shows some great shots of the huge, and very thick leathery wings on that creature. I cried when it got eaten by the thrasher. What a waste of a sexy looking (even though bloodthirsty) creature!

As one can tell,I have fantasies about gargoyles (the non-disney kinds). Gargoyles protect you from evil spirits...yet..can't they protect you in other ways? ;)
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I remember a dragon with absolutely HUGE wings in the Mighty Max animated series. The show doesn't air anymore but you can probably download it online. It was a pretty good cartoon so it's worth it for the stories alone.
For months, I have been trying to remember one of my childhood's scary movies (Lover's Vow) with no luck. FINALLY, after months and months of searching for the name of the movie I came across your posting that described the movie in great detail. So, thank you very much for solving this mystery. Now, I can stop obsessing over it. :)